The Wild Youth - EP
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I told you. All the men in my life die.
I’m not a man in your life, okay? You said so yourself. I’m a little shitpot.

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There was no waking from this nightmare, no comforting whisper in the dark that he was safe really, that it was all in his imagination; the last and greatest of his protectors had died, and he was more alone than he had ever been.

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Endless list of favorite movies
Reservoir Dogs (1992) ”Eddieyou keep talking like a bitchI’m gonna slap you like a bitch.”

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probably my fav game of thrones cap ever

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Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner out and about in Malibu - August 31 2014

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Top 5 favorite characters.

FUCK THIS IS HARDDDD here are 5 7 16 that come to mind rn (excluding lotr characters since I answered that)

  • Will Graham
  • Hannibal Lecter (in Hannibal)
  • Severus Snape 
  • Walter White
  • Erik Lensherr
  • Lord Henry Wotton
  • Hermione Granger
  • Remus Lupin
  • Lisbeth Salander
  • The entire Belcher family
  • Dr. King Schultz
  • Sansa Stark
  • Frankenstein’s Monster
  • Walter Bishop
  • Gregory House
  • Phil Connors
  • Olivia Dunham

omg I’ll stop but there are more

Edit: OMG but also Gus Fring

SHIT Voldemort tooooo

top 5 favorite bands

this changes a lot but rn

  1. Tool
  2. Coheed and Cambria
  3. Puscifer
  4. Bastille
  5. Alt-J
Top 5 LotR characters

Ahhh this is hard. Imma do bullet points and not numbers so I feel better

  • Pippin
  • Aragorn
  • Sam
  • Bilbo
  • Elrond
Top 5 makeup products


  1. tarte foundation
  2. Urban Decay ‘shame’ and ‘f bomb’ lipstick
  3. Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palette
  4. OCC lip tar
  5. OCC pure pigment eyeshadow
  6. blinc mascara
Top 5 Tarantino films

I’ve only seen 6 oops

  1. Kill Bill Vol 1
  2. Inglourious Basterds
  3. Django Unchained
  4. Pulp Fiction
  5. Reservoir Dogs
Top 5 Coheed songs


  1. Fuel for the Feeding End
  2. Gravity’s Union
  3. Elf Tower New Mexico
  4. Domino the Destitute
  5. The Crowing

Natalie Dormer in After Miss Julie, 2012

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put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

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